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About AustralianCar.Reviews
AustralianCar.Reviews is a comprehensive car reference site that has over 1,550 comprehensive buyer's guides and reviews of over 62,000 new and used cars, the most of any Australian website. AustralianCar.Reviews is provided completely free of charge and we welcome your input should you wish to contribute.

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Every review covers all the variants and editions within the model range and provides high quality photographs. Furthermore, there are detailed descriptions of safety equipment, features, production changes, recalls and common faults or problems. Owners' reviews also provide information about real ownership experiences and users are able to contribute by rating their cars. A car buyer's checklist also provides practical tips and advice.


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AustralianCar.Reviews features extensive motoring news, with coverage of new model releases, previews and industry developments; the release calendar also provides valuable information about when particular models will be released or updated.

Industry News

The AustralianCar.Reviews Community enables owners to connect with car clubs and forums to share their interests and discover more about their particular vehicle.

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